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How Disruptive will AI be when it comes to My Job?

With AI appearing to disrupt nearly every aspect of our lives, the more immediate concern continues to be “Is my job safe?” Sophia Bernazzani, in her HubSpot Service Blog, recently wrote, “If you think job disruption by AI is limited to the assembly lines, think again: AI is doing a better job than humans at some aspects of sales and marketing, too”.

Like it or not, AI is here to stay. It is changing just about everything around us, including our jobs. With these rapid changes, the great debate continues – how will jobs be impacted? Although it hasn’t yet been settled on whether AI will substitute for existing work, complement it, or create entirely new work for humans, the type of jobs that are being impacted by machine learning is becoming more evident. “Automation” analyses now suggest that AI’s impact on the “future of work” may impact better-educated, better-paid workers (graduate or professional degrees) rather than less-educated, lower-wage workers originally thought to be the displaced group of workers by the new AI technologies. In fact, white collar jobs will be almost four times as exposed to AI as workers with the just a high school diploma.

One sign of relief for workers concerned about getting displaced by AI is the general consensus that suggest machine learning can’t easily replace human emotional reactions, users experiences, and particularly the ability to identify how an audience actually reacts to content. Bernazzani says that “If your company offers professional development, you could also take a course in a more creative skill, like public speaking, writing, or graphic design. This way, if your job shifts, you might easily transition into another role or seem more valuable to a hiring manger due to your unique combination of logistical and creative skills”.

Albert Einstein once wrote, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions”. Well, in this case – imagination may be the very thing that provides comfort to those workers asking the question, “How disruptive will AI be when it comes to my job?”

Joseph K. Hopkins

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