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We treat Intellectual property valuation as part science, part art.

IP Advisory & Valuation

Intellectual property (IP) refers to legal rights and protection for creations and inventions resulting from human intellectual effort. It includes intangible assets like ideas, designs, inventions, artwork, and more. By obtaining legal rights for IP, individuals or entities gain exclusive ownership, giving them control over the use, distribution, and exploitation of their creations. This ownership prevents unauthorized use and encourages innovation, creativity, and economic growth by incentivizing inventors, artists, and creators to invest in developing valuable intellectual assets.


IP management is akin to a captivating chess game, where strategy blends art, science, and sport.


Our independent IP valuation services help innovative companies gain and keep the upper hand on the competition, increase attention from the capital markets, support share prices, and secure funding opportunities by leveraging non-dilutive financing options that articulate the marketability strength and value of their intellectual property assets.

Intellectual Property Valuation

We offer a full range of valuation services to help you understand the value of your trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patents / patent applications and other forms of intellectual property and intangible assets. 

Four Types of Intellectual Property to Protect Your Idea


  • Accumulations of SECRET information that offers competitive advantages (recipe, process, technique, customer list, etc.).

  • If a company wants to go the route of trade secrets to maximize ‘value’ – then the key is to keep the subject matter a ‘secret’.

  • Unlike patents – there is no protection for a given number of years.

  • Extremely difficult to establish monetary values particularly in the case of infringement.

  • Secret information that cannot be reverse engineered, such as software that provides a competitive advantage.  


  • Expressions and/or designs that designate the source of goods and/ or services.

  • Big focus here is the creation brand awareness and demand.

  • Protects logo design, character devices, jingles, music, advertising concepts, brands, trade dress, Internet-related Assets, domain names, web site design, 1-800 numbers, linkages, retail systems, etc.

  • May be renewed every 10 years if used.


  • Works of original authorship and related exclusive rights within fixed pricing parameters.

  • Works of original authorship fixed in a tangible medium (music, written and performed, oratory, art, video, etc.).

  • Applies to software to prevent complete and direct copying.


  • Registered US issued Patents and published US Applications.

  • Big focus here is the protection of utility or functional designs.

  • Exclusive rights to make use, and/or sell claimed invention in jurisdiction that issued the patent. 

  • Primarily utility patents elements.

  • Design patents for ornamental design.

  • Expires in 20 years and cannot be renewed.

We conduct a thorough evaluation of our clients' intellectual property (IP) assets using a wide range of valuation principles, approaches, and methodologies. This allows us to accurately determine the value of these assets. Our goal is to establish a strategic framework that not only encourages the development of a diverse portfolio of IP assets but also identifies appropriate sources of funding to support different business endeavors.

Intellectual Property IP Valuation

We put the right pieces together to maximize the value of your IP 

IP Valuation Intellectual Property


We are committed to creating a sustainable path for those who want to build a pipeline of IP assets and related capital sources to support their innovation and business endeavors.

  • Our expert IP consultant professionals are available to prosecute or supervise prosecution of the entire IP portfolio to optimize value.

  • Our network of expert IP consultant professionals are very skilled in providing coherent IP portfolio guidance of which often can lead to capital sources, as well as identifying potentially patentable technology.


Need Help Paying for Our Services

An important aspect of our Services are the Preferred Capital Markets Financing Partners who provide financing assistance for those clients who need help paying for the “fee for services” phases of our program(s). 


For more information (including IP Report Demo), please contact us here.

Pursuit to The California Finance Lenders Law (Cal. Fin. Code §§ 22000–780) – Fallingst Technologies LLC serves as an independent third-party technology advisory, asset management and IP valuation services firm whereby said entity facilitates on behalf of its clients commercial lending programs and opportunities (i.e. ‘IP Valuation Non-dilutive Financing Program’ and ‘Smart Tech Lending Programs’). Fallingst Technologies LLC’s role and participation in such lending programs reside within the bounds of the statue’s “Exception for Finders and Middlemen” as referenced by Id. § 10131.

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