Thought Leaders in AI, authentication and security technologies concentrating on growth opportunities to mitigate the exploitation of data privacy and data rights breaches.

Founder / Senior Managing Partner

  • Joseph K. Hopkins

Joseph K. Hopkins

Senior Managing Partner, IPRESTIGESM Emerge Fund LLC

CEO, Fallingst Technologies LLC

Management Team

  • Bernard Ta

Bernard Ta

Senior Director, Product & Commercial Operation, Fallingst Technologies LLC

  • Leland Gibbs

Leland Gibbs

Senior Vice President Business Development, IPRESTIGESM Emerge Fund LLC & Fallingst Technologies LLC

  • Daniela Schardinger

Daniela Schardinger

Vice President Market Strategy, IPRESTIGESM Emerge Fund LLC & Fallingst Technologies LLC

  • Christopher Hodson

Christopher D. Hodson

General Counsel, Fallingst Technologies LLC


  • Max Pike

Max Pike

Market Research Intern, Fallingst Technologies LLC

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