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Innovative companies today are using new and exciting leveraged financing options that articulate the value of their IP.

IP Backed Non-dilutive Financing Program

Our independent third-party IP valuation services help clients take advantage of non-dilutive lender and investor financing opportunities.


IP Intellectual Property

IP Strength (IP) Profile

A strong IP profile represents greater value contribution to a company’s core technology and product platform.

IP-Backed Financing
Technology Readiness

Technology Readiness (TR) Profile

The TR profile is intended to demonstrate a Company’s technology readiness (design, development and deployment) in determining related market entrance and acceptance risk. The probability of negative market consequences is presented if core technology is prematurely introduced to marketplace.

IP-Backed Financing
Economic Value

Measurable Economic Benefit

For an IP asset to have a quantifiable value, it should generate measurable amount of economic benefit and enhance the value of other assets with which it is associated.

Innovative companies today are using leveraged financing options that articulate the value of their intellectual property and technology readiness. To help generate capital, these often IP rich companies underwrite their IP portfolios to perform structured IP-backed non-dilutive debt financing transactions. Two type of industry partners play essential roles in IP-backed non-dilutive debt financing transactions:


Insurance Underwriting Partners: Select insurance companies specializing in the Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) asset class underwrite the valuation (in a fashion that translates the IP into a real capital asset) with an insurance policy, thereby producing a collateralized insurable financing vehicle.


Capital Market Partners: These insurance companies then work with select asset capital market partners to provide credit facility transactions using the insurance policy as an attractive securitization vehicle to hedge against potential losses.

IP Funding Programs

The following IP Funding Programs are provided by Fallingst Technologies LLC, a leading technology advisory, asset management and IP valuation services firm, and the management services provider of the IPRESTIGESM Fund.




Imagine an insurance company meticulously evaluating the quality, viability and risks woven into the intellectual tapestry. Their goal? Crafting an insurance policy that harnesses the IP as collateral, bolstering the borrower's financial commitment. The insurance company employs the IP as a collateralized, insurable financing instrument to underpin lending objectives. While the IP stands as the bedrock asset, the insurance policy steps forward as a shield against financial uncertainties — a hedge for lending institutions. Should adversity strike, triggering scenarios like default, the lender can invoke a claims process to recoup a significant portion of the initially extended funds.



Intellectual capital has emerged as the leading asset class. According to a recent asset market valuation study, “intangible assets, which are assets that are not physical or financial, account for 90% of the S&P 500's total market value”, equally a value of over $19 trillion.


At Fallingst Technologies, we help our clients by partnering with select asset capital market partners to help facilitate the funding sources behind our IP-backed debt structured financing packages. In addition to our comprehensive IP valuation reports, we also provide advisory and facilitation services through the completion of the funding event. As part of the Program, we work closely with prominent insurance brokers and carriers. It is largely due to the pre-qualifying process and presenting the borrower’s due diligence & valuation profile package to our partners that increase the odds for successful funding events. We are kind of the gate keeper on behalf of the borrower for our insurance and capital markets / lending partners.


If you need working capital, but do not want to sacrifice more equity capital (funds paid into a business by investors in exchange for common or preferred stock), let’s explore our IP Valuation Non-dilutive Financing Program together.

Need Help Paying for Our Services

An important aspect of our Services are the Preferred Capital Markets Financing Partners who provide financing assistance for those clients who need help paying for the “fee for services” phases of our program(s). 

For more information including FAQs and recent deal profiles, please contact us here.

IP-Backed Financing FAQs


IP Backed Non-dilutive Financing Program Partners

An essential component of the financing program includes our Insurance Underwriting Partners

who provide the necessary collateral protection insurance coverage used to “wrap” the IP assets for lending purposes. We help our clients (“borrowers”) by partnering with global asset Capital Market Partners to help facilitate the funding sources behind our IP-backed debt structured financing packages.


Learn more about our partners here.

Pursuit to The California Finance Lenders Law (Cal. Fin. Code §§ 22000–780) – Fallingst Technologies LLC serves as an independent third-party technology advisory, asset management and IP valuation services firm whereby said entity facilitates on behalf of its clients commercial lending programs and opportunities (i.e. ‘IP Valuation Non-dilutive Financing Program’ and ‘Smart Tech Lending Programs’). Fallingst Technologies LLC’s role and participation in such lending programs reside within the bounds of the statue’s “Exception for Finders and Middlemen” as referenced by Id. § 10131.

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