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Global AI Private investment Growth continues Rapid Ascent

Global Private AI Investment Growth (by Country)

  • The US remains the dominant Country with China exceptionally close behind.

  • In 2019, global private AI investment was over $70B, with AI-related startup investments over $37B, M&A $34B, IPOs $5B, and Minority Stake valued around $2B.

  • Globally, investment in AI startups continues its steady ascent. From a total of $1.3B raised in 2010 to over $40.4B in 2018 (with $37.4B in 2019 as of November 4th), funding has increased at an average annual growth rate of over 48%.

Global Private AI Investment Growth (Sector Adoption)

  • 58% of large companies surveyed report adopting AI in at least one function or business unit in 2019, up from 47% in 2018.

  • Only 19% of large companies surveyed say their organizations are taking steps to mitigate risks associated with explainability of their algorithms, and 13% are mitigating risks to equity and fairness, such as algorithmic bias and discrimination.

  • Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) received the majority of global investment last year with $7.7B (9.9% of the total), followed by Drug, Cancer and Therapy ($4.7B, more than 6.1), Facial Recognition ($4.7B, 6.0%), Video Content ($3.6B, 4.5%), and Fraud Detection and Finance ($3.1B, 3.9%).

  • Robot process automation grew most rapidly (over $1B in 2018), followed by supply chain management (over $500M in 2018), and industrial automation (over $500M in 2018).

  • Semiconductor chips, facial recognition, real estate, quantum computing, crypto and trading operations have also experienced substantial growth in terms of global private investment.

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