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AI delivering Value through Smart Tech | City.AI Contactless Panel Discussion

On September 10, 2020, the second of three City.AI panel discussions on Emerging Contactless AI Technologies was held. The meeting was kicked off with host Samantha McDermott of Technossus facilitating a discussion about four smart tech companies demonstrating AI’s ability to synthesize, analyze, see patterns, gain insights, and make predictions across many, many more dimensions than a human can comprehend.

The panel highlighted different AI technology use cases to see how companies are innovating rapidly to stay successful through these uncertain times. Technology companies will be expected to continue developing AI contactless technologies that enable businesses to support water conservation efforts, purchases, payments, Internet of Things (IoT), and remote work environments (‘hoteling') while limiting liability / risks when offering such technologies.

Segment #1 Al Brown of Veritone spoke about how remote work environments (‘hoteling') is becoming the new normal office space. Companies like WeWork and Regus are seeing massive changes. Companies big and small are looking for creative hoteling ways using AI that protect employees, still drive Comradery and productivity as well as maximize value to customers.

Segment #2 Martin Prescher of PWC pivoted the discussion to the German based wearables Company Kinexon who gathers localization data in real time and translates it simultaneously into powerful actions for industries, sports and entertainment entities. The Company is generating previously inaccessible insights with its technology and helping realize the true advantages of Internet of Things (IoT).

Segment #3 Joseph K. Hopkins of the IPRESTIGE Emerge Fund highlighted the issue of water scarcity and how organizations around the world are using AI to help access and efficiently use this precious resource. He spotlighted an Irvine California company named AquaTrax Solutions whose technology ‘Trackle’ is designed to both help consumers instantly see water usage and gather insight about adjusting behaviors to become better stewards of a resource where nearly 25% of the global population struggle with basic access. Trackle also helps water agencies better capture leaks, losses, receive real time water usage to help better met important conservation goals and carry savings to customers.

Segment #4 Martin Prescher concluded the discussion with Wise IOT Solutions, a HealthCare Solutions startup in San Diego California. Its mission is to improve patient quality of life by assisting doctors with its AI analytics and remote patient monitoring.

Big thanks to our host, the panel and all the fantastic comments and questions from the audience.

Watch the full panel discussion here:

Looking forward to Part 3 of the series, which will be hosted again by Technossus and is scheduled for October 8, 2020.

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