Fallingst Technologies LLC is a Data Rights Security and Digital Identity Advisory and Valuation Firm, and the management services provider of the IPRESTIGESM Fund.

Amidst the recent COVID-19 macroeconomic shock that’s impacting global commerce activity, the pandemic is putting a big emphasis on contactless technology. This exciting area enables the market place to conduct transactions quickly, easily and securely. Contactless technology is expected to explode in growth and become widely used in the immediate future.


On behalf of The IPRESTIGESM Emerge FundFallingst Technologies is well positioned to partner with smart tech technology companies to significantly impact the emerging digital identity protection and security / encryption technology markets, as well as contribute to the growing contactless technology arena.


Fallingst Technologies LLC serves as the management service provider of The IPRESTIGESM Emerge Fund to focus on growth opportunities in the digital identity protection (authentication) and security / encryption markets to mitigate the exploitation of data privacy and data rights breaches



Today, Fallingst Technologies serves as a boutique advisory and valuation services firm specializing in AI, authentication technologies, digital identity verification and encryption. We provide the most precise, credible, and equitable in software and intellectual property valuations with a specialty that includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets for the three key emerging technology areas that the Fund focuses on.




As Intellectual Property Advisory and Valuation Experts, we collectively work with many Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the encryption, AI, blockchain and data privacy / data rights industry to vet and acquire and/or license intellectual property (IP) on behalf of The IPRESTIGESM Emerge Fund.

IP Owners advantages in working with Fallingst Technologies: 

  • Experienced IP Lawyers and PE managers ︎

  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) 

  • Industry Knowledge 

  • Global Network across multiple industries 

  • R&D Capabilities

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Peregrine Falcons are the fastest birds in the world. They possess tremendous vision and a keen ability to focus on prey. You can take a Peregrine high up and drop it from a plane. Its body streamlines like a bomb and goes into a stoop, reaching accelerating speeds of up to 200 MPH.

And, thus the name “Fallingst Technologies”. We are positioned to move ahead of downward technology trends with an improved and accelerated approach toward more optimal, cutting-edge AI based digital identity protection (authentication) and cryptographic systems and services designed to yield ecosystem-positive behavioral benefit for technology users.

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