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A Different Kind of Firm 
Building a Global Footprint of Value
for Investors, Clients and Partners

Solution Focus  ∙  Ecosystem  ∙  Thinking to Design  ∙  Design to Impact


The IPRESTIGESM Emerge Fund is a proprietary first-mover advantage technology incubation accelerator that concentrates on growth opportunities in emerging deep technology markets to mitigate the exploitation of data privacy and data rights breaches.

Our singular focus is to significantly contribute to the thinking, design and implementation of next generation security-based technology platforms that yield positive ecosystem behavioral impact across the globe.


Fallingst Technologies LLC is a leading technology advisory firm specializing in asset management, IP valuation, and financing services. Our focus spans deep technology, healthcare, life sciences, industry, and consumer product markets. We collaborate closely with companies aiming to scale their transformative ideas, technologies, and products. For emerging IP-centric companies, we are particularly dedicated to establishing a pathway that fosters a robust pipeline of IP assets and associated capital sources to support their business endeavors.

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