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Our Impact

The IPRESTIGESM Emerge Fund is a proprietary first-mover advantage technology incubation accelerator that concentrates on growth opportunities in emerging deep technology markets to mitigate the exploitation of data privacy and data rights breaches.

Our aim is to significantly contribute to the design and implementation of next generation security-based technology platforms that yield positive ecosystem behavioral impact across the globe.

Data Security Vision


Our Approach


The IPRESTIGESM Emerge Fund is designed for investors who are looking for growth opportunities in the emerging Deep Tech markets. 


Key emerging technologies that the Fund concentrates on:

  • Blockchain

  • Next generation encryption (i.e. quantum encryption) 

  • Digital identity recognition technologies (inhuman authentication [AI])

  • Advanced data privacy & rights protection technologies

  • Biotech / Biomedical / Devices




Fallingst Technologies LLC serves as the management service provider of The IPRESTIGESM Emerge Fund.


We are a boutique technology advisory, asset management and IP valuation services firm specializing in Deep Technology and related markets. We work closely with ‘deep tech” and ‘smart tech’ companies that are focused on bringing their transformational ideas and technologies to the marketplace, particularly the emerging markets.


Our independent IP valuation and financing services help innovative companies gain and keep the upper hand on the competition, increase attention from the capital markets, support share prices, and secure funding from investors by leveraging non-dilutive financing options that articulate the marketability strength and value of their intellectual property assets.



As Intellectual Property Advisory and Valuation Experts, we collectively work with many Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the encryption, AI, blockchain and data privacy / data rights, security and digital identity industry to identify, assess and acquire and/or license intellectual property (IP) on behalf of The IPRESTIGESM Emerge Fund.

Intellectual Property (IP) Owners' advantages in working with Fallingst Technologies: 

  • Experienced IP Lawyers and PE managers ︎

  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) 

  • Industry Knowledge 

  • Global Network across multiple industries 

  • R&D Capabilities

Please visit our IP Funding Programs designed to assess, certify, and fund intellectual property for products/technologies that are intended to be, or have already been, introduced into the market. 


Let’s explore ways to make sure technology creators get paid for their innovation.



The IPRESTIGESM Emerge Fund investment recipients are technologies using advanced digital identity verification (authentication) and healthy AI mechanisms to power encryption systems that yield ecosystem-positive data privacy and IP rights behaviors.