We treat Intellectual property valuation as part science, part art.


Intellectual property is an exercise in strategy much like a chess game, which is often defined as a mix of sport, art and science.

As a premier data rights security and digital identity advisory and valuation Firm, Fallingst Technologies’ LLC services are designed to help intellectual property owners secure assessments through valuation that can be used for marketplace purchasing and/or licensing opportunities.


We treat Intellectual property valuation as part science, part art.

  • The science is in the financial formulas that analysts use to quantify the myriad of inputs that drive value.

  • The art is in how the valuation experts apply these formulas to generate a meaningful, statistically valid, and defensible fair market value range.

We are committed to creating a sustainable path for those who want to build a pipeline of IP assets and related capital sources to support their innovation and business endeavors.

  • Our expert IP consultant professionals are available to prosecute or supervise prosecution of the entire IP portfolio to optimize value.

  • Our network of expert IP consultant professionals are very skilled in providing coherent IP portfolio guidance of which often can lead to capital sources, as well as identifying potentially patentable technology.

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